Thursday, March 26, 2009

Being Vegetarian

Okay...most of you know that this year for Lent my husband and I gave up meat. We did this hoping that it would make us eat healthier than we had been. However, I think we were actually doing better before!

About a year and a half ago, we started going to WeightWatchers to eat healthier and loose weight. We both did very well on the Points program. I became a lifetime member last April and I've been able to keep the majority of the weight off, which I really think is harder than loosing it. However, we fell back into eating foods that we knew were high in points values (high fat/calories) and decided we needed to do something to get ourselves back on track. We continued to exercise, but not as much as we had been when we were trying to meet our goals.

Just before Thanksgiving I started working with my trainer, Johnathan, but I wasn't really watching what I was eating like I should have (especially over Thanksgiving & Christmas). After the first of the year, I really got into working out and I was watching what I was eating better and I started to see results quicker. Then I started to slack off with watching what I was eating, and I quickly stopped seeing results. Then we got to Lent, hoping this would teach us to select healthier options. However, I don't think it really has. At most of the restaurants, the vegetarian choices seem to be high in fat and fried. We have been cooking at home a lot, but we noticed that we have stopped eating a lot of fresh vegetables. Our normal dinners would consist of grilled chicken, potatoes/rice, and green beans/steamed vegetables. However, now, everything seems to be potatoes and cheese. (Items actually higher in points than what we would normally eat!) So even though I don't really want to eat as much meat as before, I'm looking forward to more balanced meals... :)!

Only 16 days left in Lent...

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