Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sam Bradley Concert

Me and my Twitter friend Nicole went to Hooligan's in Jacksonville, NC to hear Sam Bradley last Friday night. I first heard of him late last year, he co-wrote a song with Robert Pattinson that was released on the Twilight Soundtrack, Never Think (Too Far Gone).

The opening band Pilot Speed wasn't bad, but the lead singer sat down to where you really couldn't see him.

While we were there, we actually met a few other people who we met on meet Twitter friends EVERYWHERE (@KellyJohnson85 & @Janetrigs)! They of course are Twilight fans as well, so we had a lot to talk about between bands! :)

This couple cracked us up...they were...uh...Interesting (way too much PDA!)

It did get really really smoky in there even before the concert, but it was okay...I could deal.

Sam of course was awesome!

The Twitter friends we met of course bought him a shot of Whiskey that he actually drank after singing his song Whiskey! :) But he said he couldn't take it as a shot since he had to drive to New York to be there the next morning. We had a great time though.

After he finished playing we were able to meet him & his band, have our pictures with them & get their autographs. Nicole & I both got shirts & had them. Here are our pics with Sam! :)



Me, Nicole, Kelly, & Janet with Sam Bradley & his band!

And I did get some good video of several of his songs, but YouTube & Blogger Video don't seem to want to play nice and load them! (I'll still try to load them.)

Here is a link to all of our pictures!

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