Saturday, May 15, 2010

You Lucky Dog!

I'm not your typical 'parent', my 'little girls' happen to have 4 legs and are furry! Yep, my little girls are Sally & Molly. They love me unconditionally and are always there for us. And they love to cuddle, or sleep on top of me in Molly's case.

If you know me, you know that we are lucky enough to have the ability to send Sally to doggie daycare. (No we are NOT crazy!)

Sally is part border collie, meaning she is FULL of energy, even just turning 7, most people think she is still a puppy. With Jason & I being the workaholics that we are, we sometimes, don't have the time to exercise or play with Sally as much as we would like to or as much as she needs. She is also our "kid" so, we spoil her by sending her at least once a week to doggie daycare.

We kind of stumbled across You Lucky Dog. I was looking for yet another dog groomer, because Sally had had a bad experience with her last groomers nicking her belly while they were trimming her. So I found this place that had good reviews and a groomer on-site. So I called and made Sally an appointment for later in the week. When we dropped Sally off, for one thing, she walked right in, this is not something she will do in PetsMart. The staff all greeted us and introduced themselves to Sally, which is something I had never seen at any of the other places that we had taken Sally. The staff watched her for the day, and thought that she could benefit from coming to daycare.

At first we were skeptical and unsure how Sally would do, because if you had ever seen Sally with another dog a couple of years ago, you would know, Sally wasn't the most social dog. We thought about it and decided that it couldn't hurt. So we went through there screening process. (Yes, they screen to see how your dog reacts to the packs they have...because they want your babies to have fun and be safe!) And Sally was accepted!

So now, a couple of years later, Sally is much better with other dogs, and comes home each Wednesday tuckered out from playing most of the day with her friends. She is still protective of me when I am with her, but I learned today at open house that this is just a trait of her breed. (She loves her mommy!)

Her doggie day care isn't your typical doggie daycare. They are a professional staff who love our dogs, and realize that we treat them as our children. Today they had an open house. This open house, was similar to what I remember open house being at my school when I was younger. The staff wants the parents to understand what they do and why they do it.

They keep Sally & all of the other babies on a strict schedule that doesn't change even on Thanksgiving & Christmas. There is also someone there with the dogs at all times. Which is unlike anywhere else. All of the dogs that are allowed to spend the night, have to come at minimum twice a month, although some dogs are required to come more often. The dogs know the schedule and are comfortable not only with the staff, but with the facility as well.

They explained to us why they require dogs to be on a non-flexi leash when we bring them in and why it is so important. How to properly approach a dog you are not familiar with, which was very helpful.

I am more and more amazed with the owner & staff every time I talk to them. They are great people and I have no issues leaving Sally over night or during the day with them. I know they will keep her happy & safe.

You can also keep up with Sally & the other babies at the daycare blog!

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