Friday, July 23, 2010

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off to Rome We Go...

On June 8th, we had a very very long night, although, it was all for a very good cause...Jason and mine's first vacation together since our honeymoon! (Believe it or not that was almost 5 years it was about time we went.)

We have been talking about this trip and wanting to go since we got married, and we finally got to go! We had the trip planned for over 6 months so we were totally ready to go!

To catch our flight, we had to drive up to Washington D.C. but it wasn't a bad drive...I got in a nice little nap, while I was chauffeured up there. (Thank you for driving honey!) We got there a little early, so we found a neat little multi-use area, where we walked around and got a snack and a drink before heading off to Dulles airport. (This place had awesome Sangria! It tasted like apple pie!)

Of course you're told to get to the airport 3 hours early for an international flight, well, of course we got through check-in and security in about 5 minutes so we had some time to kill. We walked all around the airport trying to keep ourselves awake, then stopped for a light meal before taking off.

We finally started boarding, and while holding our Contiki travel folders, we met one of the girls who was going on the same trip with us, Jess! (There will be more Jess to come!) It was kind of nice to meet someone else who was going to be with us throughout the next couple weeks.

Let me just let you know one thing...if you're flying across the Atlantic, DO NOT FLY COACH! Cause until you have to stay in a VERY VERY VERY small seat for at least 8 hours...anywho...Jason and I got to our seats and we were ready to go! The flight wasn't too bad, it's just on an overnight or very long flight it would be preferable to have a larger seat with a little more room.

8 + hours later...we got to Heathrow in London...and that is all we saw of London. Heathrow airport is insanely crazy compared to some of the other hubs I have flown through, but really not bad to navigate around in it.

On to plane number 2, a smaller plane for just about 3 hours, and we were in ROME!

On our way from the airport to our hotel, we saw the craziest thing (other than the INSANE driving) we turned a corner and there it was...the Coliseum! All I can say is WOW!

I never thought I would actually be in Rome and it was almost surreal that we were there. We got to our hotel in Rome, and it was time to go to dinner with the group. There were 50 people in our group, and 1 AMAZINGLY WONDERFUL Amadeo! (More stories of Amadeo later too!)

What you ask was our dinner on our first night in Italy...why pizza of course! We had a tasty meal of bruschetta, salad, pizza, and gelato!

After dinner, Amadeo, a life long Roman, gave us a walking tour of Rome. Introducing us to the area and where we could go and see more the next day. We were very lucky to have Amadeo as our guide, because his knowledge was amazing. Any question we asked or never thought to ask, he was able to tell us. Which made our trip that much more amazing! (Yes, I am still a nerd and like the history stuff).

After a very long night, day, and another night, we finally got to sleep Ricky and Lucy style in our hotel.



  1. Oh, I've always wanted to go to Italy!!! Maybe someday soon. I can't wait to hear more about your trip. And I'm loving the new blog design. :)

  2. Thanks! I hope to post some more tonight! :D