Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Life Definietly Keeps Us Busy

The past few weeks have been crazy to say the least. Mainly because my first procedure to relax a muscle so a fissure could heal didn't work and left me in a ridiculous amount of pain. After another trip to the doctor and a late night appointment with a surgeon. I was scheduled for surgery to fix it. However...I had to wait over 2 weeks for my surgery.

Yesterday was my surgery, which I was completely ready for. The surgery went well and the intense pain is nothing like it was before. I knew I would be in some pain during recovery, cause it is surgery. Now I'm home and resting, with a very attentive Jason taking care of me, with the help of my two nurses, Sally & Molly.

I'm trying to do exactly what the doctor says so I recovery completely and hopefully don't have any issues again. It's hard though sometimes, cause I feel like I need to be working, but at the same time I won't be much good if I don't recover properly.

Anywho...Now we are in March and every weekend we have multiple things going on.

This weekend, my friend Heather B. who set Jason & I up is getting married to Knuckles, the guy we set her up with 9 years ago. Her wedding is of course in Hickory, so I'm hoping and praying that I will recover quick enough to be able to ride 3 hours each way.

Saturday is also my college roommie, Jane's baby shower. Which I'm making cupcakes for. I have of course made a special flavor just what Jane wanted. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Cake, with fresh raspberry filling, with vanilla buttercream. And I'm making super cute cupcake toppers to welcome baby Abe.

We also have Brew it Forward on Saturday, and an awesome dinner Sunday featuring our favorite Brewery LoneRider :). This dinner is going to be mine & Jason's Valentine's day dinner (yes I know it's the middle of March) but we don't need just 1 Valentine's Day. The menu will be 5 courses each course paired with a tasty beer from LoneRider. Our friends Andrew & Leah get to go with us and we get to dress nice :).

This week still includes me resting and trying my best to make a full recovery. So we will have to see what we can get done and what we can do. Based on how I feel...so I hope everything works out for the best.


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