Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

Lent has officially started!

Tonight will be one of the first times that I won't be fixing any type of meat with dinner. We're going to try a new recipe, Creamy Pesto Ravioli (thanks Meatless Marvels!). I'm actually kind of looking forward to not having to cook meat, as the cooking times seem to be much less than if you are fixing meat. I think this will also help us with eating at home more. Since we have been working out so much (not getting home until after 7 o'clock most nights) it's been hard to fix dinner at home.

I know one thing that will be harder is that we are going to have to plan better for the week. Since we will be eating at home more and trying new things, I will have to keep to the weekly menu so we aren't going to the grocery store daily.

Luckily, we know several people who are vegetarians and have graciously given us recipes. So far, Jason and I have decided to try pretty much all of the recipes on our friend's blog Meatless Marvels.

Wish us luck!

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