Saturday, March 21, 2009

Twilight is on DVD


Yes, I know that I have a problem and I'm addicted to Twilight, but that is okay! I'm excited that Twilight has finally come out on DVD. I've been on Twitter a lot lately, and I have found some other 'Twilighters' and made friends who are just as addicted (if not more so) than me. (There are actually a lot of us out there!) We have fun with it. A couple of them live in some of the cities that had cast members show up to the DVD release parties. A couple of them had the chance to meet Catherine Hardwicke (the director) and Ashley Greene (Alice Cullen). Unfortunately, Raleigh isn't a 'big city' so we don't get people coming here for anything.

My Twitter friends however were very nice and posted pictures of all the pandalerium! It's amazing how many 'Twilighters' there actually are out there.

At least I will have my DVD soon...if Target will ever ship it!


  1. What in the world do you mean "just as addicted (if not more so)"? You can't be talking about me or maybe becullen? lol I'm so not addicted. Na uh! No, not I!

  2. Again, I feel your pain. Living in the boonies has it's drawbacks. lol Love the post.

  3. Haha...Valerie it's okay :) I think we all are addicted :)!

  4. Ooh I love your blog design. :) Thanks for sharing your blog addy with me. I love Raleigh. Cool town.

    BTW -- what's with this Twilight obsession? I don't get it. LOL ;)

  5. also addicted. I call it obsessed. I share with with all I meet.