Friday, March 13, 2009

Week 3 of Lent

Well, we made it through the third week of Lent with no meat! I'm really running out of ideas for lunches and dinner. I really hope Jason isn't too sick of PB&J sandwiches.

I am proud of him,though. He has stuck with it and not given in, which I know is hard for him. He's pretty much a meat & potatoes guy (but he does like some veggies).

I've tried several new things that I wasn't really keen on trying since we gave up meat that I have found I really like. I don't mind tofu (even though the idea of it grossed me out at first). I really like the Pad Thai at Pei Wei, its tasty! We had it for dinner on Tuesday night and I had it again for lunch today. It really filling and has a lot of flavor so its a good substitute! We have been eating breakfast for dinner recently too, it gets us some additional protein (we don't really see eggs as meat). I have found also that I really like mushroom ravioli, beef or meat ravioli never really appealed to me anyway, because I like to know what I'm eating.

The main thing I'm enjoying about not eating meat is the cooking times. They are GREAT! Dinner doesn't take half the time to fix that it used to, since all the veggie stuff cooks in just a couple of minutes (or it gets rubbery).

We did try the Morningstar Farms 'Chicken' strips this week, and those didn't go over so well. They had a funny texture and strange flavor. I'm pretty sure we won't be trying those again. I think I'll stick with the veggie burgers, corn dogs, and crumbles (those seem to be okay).

This weekend I will have to search for some new recipes so we can keep trying a variety of things.

Wish us luck, only 29 days left!


  1. Mmm I tried out going meatless just for fun, and I loved it! Veggie subs at Subway are the bomb dot com!

  2. I haven't tried those yet. Thanks for the suggestion. I'm enjoying it so far, I don't really miss it that often except when I'm eating out with people from work.