Monday, April 27, 2009

Beach & Baby Shower

This past weekend, I went to visit my sister for her second baby shower. She lives in a small beach town, so her friends were throwing it for her. She's getting really excited about having the baby soon. Muchkin man (she's not telling anyone the name) is ready to come early we think, but hopefully he'll stay put for a little longer (he needs to bake some more...hehe). My mom & her boyfriend came down as well to join in the festivities.

Saturday morning I got up early so I could go for a run, it was beautiful out on the beach. I ran from Fort Macon (yes, its really a Fort) to the pier, about 3 miles, and back. And just so ya know, its harder to run in sand than it is to run on a treadmill or even on the crazy hills in my neighborhood, but I did it. I had lots of sand in my shoes when I was done. This was the view on the way back from the pier.

And I wrote Jason a message on my way back (cause I try to be a good wife)...

(Since he didn't come with me)

Then I went to a cute little store with my sis and got me a cute ring (and earrings & a super cute koozy!) I love my ring though, cause my roomies in college used to call me E, so it reminded me of them. (I haven't gotten to try out my koozy yet, but football season's coming!)

Then it was time for the shower. My sister has some great friends in here little town, and I'm happy for her. My nephew has so many little out fits with fishes on them (cause his daddy is a Captain of a Charter Boat). He's gonna look so cute!
His room is uber cute too!

The cake was too cute, it had a little monkey...cause if he's anything like his mother was, he's going to be a little monkey :)!

After the shower we went to meet Alan at the waterfront to see how his charter went and I got a couple of pictures with Sandy (my sister's pup) on the boat. She loves the water & the boat. Alan (my bro-in-law) cooked us a great dinner, that was very tasty! Sunday before we left, we took a little walk on the beach while Sandy went for a swim. (She shook off right on my was funny!)

There are more pics of the shower here.

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  1. Love your ring and koozy, too cute!
    Looks like you had a great weekend!