Thursday, May 14, 2009

Forks Day 1

We went around Forks today, it's really small :), so it didn't take long! But we had fun going around to all the 'Twilight' sites. We have seen and met several other people who are here because of Twilight. The chamber of commerce even has a map of with pins in it of where everyone is from.

It was amazing, Europe was completely covered! There were even people from New Zeland and Australia that have come to visit Forks. Here are a few pictures from our first day.

We are right across the street from Forks Outfitters (which is the only grocery store and sporting goods store in the town!)

Forks High School...Go Spartans!

The 'Cullen House'... and Esme's Daily note letting the Twilight Fans know where the Cullens are for the day!

Bella's House...we were told it is actually the only 2 story house in Forks! It also has a blue bedroom and a kitchen with yellow cabinets.

(The internet connection is really slow here, so when I get back home, I'll post more pictures on Photobucket so y'all can see all of our trip!)


  1. i'm dying here.
    so glad you're having a good time!!!!

  2. amazing....soooo jealous!!! Have a great time & bring home a Cullen :)

  3. OMG How exciting. I am glad you are having fun.

  4. i love your idea by going to forks but in august i go to volterra and montepulciano , next wear i go to forks xD
    very impossimble but i living in portugal xD but i go to volterra , i will see edward

  5. that is very cool and I love Twilight too.