Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Traveling to Forks

Plane ride #1: 2.5 hours
Layover: 2 hours
Plane ride #2: 4.5 hours
Drive to Forks: 6 hours!!

Okay the drive, was beautiful, but the state of Washington forgot to put signs up stating that the bridge to Forks (Hood Canal Bridge) was out. And I don't just me out of service for paving, I mean there is NO BRIDGE! They are currently re-building it. There weren't any detour signs until we were about to turn onto the bridge, then there was a huge 'Road Closed' sign. Well, we had driven about 2 hours to get there and then had to drive back 3/4 of the way we had already drive to get to the only other road to get to Forks. But we finally made it. We were all extremely tired.

This was a picture from Highway 101, as we were driving. It is beautiful out here!

Pocket Edward liked the bridge, but he was getting a little bored with my driving, cause you know, he wanted to drive Cullen style.

When Stephenie Meyer wrote in Twilight that "everything was green on green" she was serious! We finally got to Forks around 8:00 (PST). Now we had all been up since about 3:30 (EST)!! But we made it!

Most of the hotels around seem to have funny Twilight signs. The entire town has embraced the popularity of Twilight and how their town is gaining popularity because of it. Our hotel even has a sign that says "Vampires Welcome" and a "Bella Suite". We are in the room right across from the Bella Suite.

Here are a few of the signs that we have seen.

But we are here...on Wednesday we will go around Forks!

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