Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's La Push...

On Friday we took the day to go up to the Hoh Rain Forest for a couple of hikes. Surprisingly the weather was beautiful and not too chilly, even though we saw snow on the ground in several places. Of course everything was green and we took a lot of pictures of trees. There was even green in the water & a slight layer of moss on the road! But it was beautiful!

There were several turn offs on the way to the trail head for the Hall of Mosses where a river ran through. It was cool, so of course we stopped at several of them, and took more pictures...of trees :).

This was one of the turn offs.

We went through the Hall of Mosses (the surprise, everything is covered in moss!) :)
Then we went to another trail, where we found this interesting sign...

Yes, it is a warning about CHARGING ELK! But no, we didn't see any elk, and we aren't crazy enough to approach them. We met some people on the trail and they were nice enough to take a picture of us together, we decided it looked like a school picture :)

After our hike, we went up to La Push and First Beach. Which is BEAUTIFUL! It looked like if you did surf it would be good. We found Bella & Jacob's tree and something so perfect, it made us laugh!

Jacob? Is that you??

First Beach was beautiful though & the view was amazing!

Here are the rest of the pictures from our hike in the Hoh Rain Forest and First Beach.


  1. OMG, i love that with the paw prints! it is Jacob! i knew he was real!!! thanks for sharing! Your pics are AMAZING!

  2. I love your blog...not to sound cheesy...but, seriously, thanks for sharing! ;) And the blog title, all I can think is "Okay, I'll go if you stop saying that." lol