Thursday, May 21, 2009

Port Angeles

On Thursday we decided to go back up 101 to Port Angeles. Now in the book, they make it seem like Port Angeles is just the next town over, well technically it is the next town over. The book just fails to mention that the next town is about 80 miles away! (Yes, we drove a lot and the roads on the Olympic Peninsula are very ruff and LOUD!) But we made due and listened to music and thought about playing 'I Spy' but since everything was green and there was just the road and the trees, the game would have either been really hard or really short.) Port Angeles is a cute little town though and I guess compared to Forks there is a lot more to do (they have a few more stores).

On the way to Port Angeles, we stopped for a hike to Sol Duc Falls. It was beautiful! It was in a northern portion of the Olympic National Forest (just off 101). The hike wasn't too long, but it got us out of the car and let us take more picture of...trees.

The falls were beautiful too...and there was SNOW still on the ground! (Sorry, I'm from the south & it just doesn't seem normal to me for there to be snow in May.)

We took lots of pictures...Lyndsye even tried to jump 'Edward style'...

When we got into Port Angeles it was a cute little town, almost exactly as Stephenie Meyer described it. Main street had cute little shops and a new shop...Dazzeled by Twilight (there is one in Forks too!)

But this store had a 'meadow' at the front of the store, that they insist that you sit down and take a picture with Edward. I was laughing so hard when we took the pictures...

Main street of course had the movie theater, Bella Italia, and the bookstore.

Main Street...

Bella Italia...

We of course ate dinner at Bella Italia, and I had the mushroom ravioli (cause it's my favorite thing to eat anyway!)

Of course we had a great time stopping at all of the shops and going on our hike. Here are the rest of the pictures from our hike to Sol Duc Falls, Crescent Lake, & Port Angeles.


  1. Man those raviolis look good, and I don't like mushrooms! Love your pics!

  2. I LOVE the pictures. I wanna go! ;)

  3. I love the pics. Just had time to check them out. Glad you had a good time.