Thursday, June 18, 2009

Beach & Such...

Well, sorry I've been so slack about posting, I've been busy at work and in life in general. Jason and I did get to take a short break this week however thanks to our friends Nick & Heather for inviting us down to the beach for a long weekend. Andrew and Leah also got to come with us and we were all glad we got to stay and miss a few days of work! We had a very relaxing time just sitting on the beach and chilling out. I haven't been able to do that in a long time.

The first day on the beach, we did have an issue with some structurally unsound umbrellas, the nice breeze had other plans for this umbrella! But overall the weather was nice, the guys got to play golf together and of course us wives got to go shopping!

Southport was nice, I hadn't ever been there to go shopping before. I don't know why because there is a Christmas store...yes, I went to buy Christmas stuff in June. (You can never have too many Christmas decorations!) I also bought an uber cute flag for our mail box (which I'm planning a makeover for...I'll post pics of that once it is finished.) While we were there of course it was the lovely host and hostess' 1 year anniversary! We celebrated their day with them by going to dinner at Elijah's in Wilminton (it was tasty.)

While we were shopping at the Christmas store, I saw a display in the kids section that made me laugh and think of one of my friends...she doesn't like squirrels, and they had a whole display of squirrels, so I took a picture just for Gigi!

Heather also found some great ideas for their little girl's room (she's on the way). I think it will be cute, with the 'bugs on the wall'... or with a big silver tree in the corner like this one.

Laying on the beach also allowed me to catch up on some reading that I've been wanting to do and get tan. I got to read the first book in the Mortal Instruments series City of Bones, which I thoroughly enjoyed. And of course immediately started on the second book, City of Ashes, when I got back (although now I don't have much time for reading). They are good books, and I'm enjoying reading them.

Now its back to hitting the gym, working, and working some more.

Note to self: Find a way to get a beach house or some type of vacation house...or how to work from a chair in the sand :)...

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