Monday, July 27, 2009

Slack...I know...

I know, I know...I've been uber slack lately about blogging...but hey, life gets hectic.

Well of course I've been working out a lot! Actually since I've been getting acupuncture on my hip the past few weeks, I've been able to run again without pain! So I've been running and adding in more cardio work by using the Cardio Wave & stair machine. I've found that I can actually read while I'm on the Cardio Wave and the stair people run on a treadmill I'll never figure that out...but I've enjoyed reading while on the relaxes me even more and gives me more time to read.

Cardio Wave

Jason has really been enjoying playing golf with his friends and just anything golf. (Even watching golf...I'm not much on watching golf...) Since he's been playing golf so much, Jason has been trying to teach me how to play golf, well teach me how to swing first. Most of you know that I'm not the most coordinated person, so's not the easiest for me. I also get frustrated easy so that doesn't help. But I've gone to the driving range with him twice, and it was fun. (Just don't go when you're arms are already makes it worse!) We did get to go golf my speed (putt-putt) for a date night though...I had fun!

Of course I've been working too. We have finally made some great headway on the upgrade for the application that I support. We are in the process of implementing it, which takes a lot of documentation and work since we have to ensure that our system is fully validated. But we can do it and we will be the first for this version of the application!

In the past few weeks I've also gotten 2 new baby cousins! (One got here today!) My dad's side of the family just seems to keep growing. I can't wait till we have a chance to go back to Hickory for a visit! I miss getting to see my family but I think they understand that Jason & I have a life, home, and work here in Raleigh, that keeps us busy.

I've also been trying to cook more. I even came up with my own Rosemary Garlic Cream Sauce recipe that was AWESOME with some Mushroom Ravioli (my favorite thing to eat!) Jason really liked it too! I've come up with recipes before, but trust me, they don't always turn out that well.

So life is busy, but we get along! The next few weeks are also busy but we have a few fun things snuck Lyndsye coming to visit, going to see my nephew (baby Allan) and a slip-n-slide party at my college roommate's place!

Have's short!

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