Friday, October 9, 2009

Tailgating so far...

Well, as usual, we have been EXTREMELY busy this fall, with football, tailgating, work, and everything else in between. But we always enjoy it!

First Game: NCSU vs. USC (South Carolina)

Overall, the game was BORING...neither team was playing very well, so I took a lot of pictures instead.

Second Game: NCSU vs. Murray State

Who? Yeah, that was my reaction too...they were a team from somewhere that we played. We were up 48 to 0 at halftime, so we did something, we have done only a couple of times before, we left the game early! Yes, we really did, of course we went on out to the truck to tailgate a little more and listen to the game on "Wolfpack Sports Network" but we had fun.

Third Game: NCSU vs. Gardner-Webb

Yeah, we beat up on them too! :)

Fourth Game: NCSU vs. Pitt

YAY! Finally a real team to play against, and guess what...we WON! No, I'm not lying for those of you who have followed the Wolfpack in past years, we won! We had an awesome tailgate too! There were about 30 people that showed up! But guess who forgot their camera...yeah, I know, the only time I don't have it with me.

This week, NCSU vs. Duke

Hopefully we can beat up on them too, however they did score against UVA last week, and for some reason, they do come to play when they show up to Carter-Finley. They have given us a run in some past years, so hopefully we can make it an easy game on us.

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