Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Well, as of October 1st Jason and I have been married for 4 years! (Where did the time go?)

One thing that brought Jason and I together was music, and we like a lot of different types of music. One thing that we did all through college and even now was go to concerts. Live shows were the best for us. Jason in fact took me to my first concert, Far Too Jones & Athenaeum at Lincoln Theater a few weeks after I moved into my dorm. We would go to concerts whenever we could, and we even stood in line for HOURS for a concert. We still love to go to concerts! So, when Jason emailed me in June and said that Blink 182 was getting back together and they were having a concert ON our anniversary, I said AWESOME! We were so excited, it was the perfect anniversary present for us! Well, because of a bunch of stuff, the concert got moved to the 6th. Which, turned out to be a good thing, since I was at home with a fever on our anniversary. But this also gave us the opportunity to take a couple of days off together...yes, we actually got to take time off together and spend time together! It was a nice break in the middle of the week.

We hadn't seen Blink 182 in several years, since the broke up, this year was a 'reunion tour' so we got to hear a lot of our favorite songs, and of course, our song. (Yes, our song is a Blink 182 song, First Date, don't fits us!)

While we were in Charlotte, my cousin Ricky was off from work for the day, so it worked out that we got to meet him at Ikea and have lunch. But the best part was I got to meet his little girl, Lauren, for the first time. She's too cute & Logan is a great big brother. (My family has some really cute kids.)

Jason, Lauren, & Logan at Ikea

Unfortunately, when we got to the concert, we found out (during the concert) that the other two bands that we wanted to see weren't going to show. Instead we got Valencia (they weren't too bad) and Asher Roth. This dude is HORRIBLE!! He's a 'white boy rapper', yeah, you think that said it all, look at this! His 'dancing' and 'rapping' was worse! However, I don't think he realized that no one at the concert over the age of 18 (there were some youngin' there!) liked him.

Jason & his "Fat Tire" while we wait for Blink to come on


Very happy Jason as he watches/listens to Blink!

This video is of Travis Barker, the drummer for Blink 182, doing an awesome drum solo, and yes, he is suspended in the air and rotating!

Thank you Jason for 4 great years! I love you!

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