Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Oh All The Things You Will See...

So we LOVE tailgating for football games. It is an experience with us, an all day affair. It's something we enjoy doing, it allows us to spend time with our friends and relax. Oh it is also an AWESOME excuse to drink before lunch time (and what is better than that!!)

NC State Tailgating is also an experience in itself, just because of the craziness you will see when tailgating or at the game. It ranges from girls in extremely short dresses with cowboy boots on to men wearing pants with embroidered NCSU logos on them (they aren't hot...they are the exact opposite!). Some examples of this are:

Example #1

"The Hot Mess"
No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this example is wearing knee high boots, tights, a short zebra print red & black skirt, and multiple jackets.

Example #2

"Sorority Girl"
Now, this is the best picture I could get without being like "Hey, I don't know you but can I take your picture". This is an example of the short dresses (although, as these dresses go this is long.) and cowboy boots. I don't know about you, but when I am drinking for an extended period of time, you will NOT get me in a dress. Oh, and it was like 50 degrees outside!

Example #3

"Fingers McGee"
This dude has been sitting in front of us for several years, and thinks he is so cool. Really, he's not (sorry 'fingers'). Every first down, he puts his hand up and starts wiggling his fingers waiting for us to all point in the direction of the "First down". Over the years, we have started joining him in our inebriated state :P. He now thinks his little thing is catching on, when it really isn't. BAHAHAH! We laugh each time he does it.

(More of "Fingers" coolness...)

Example #4

I Don't Even Know

Grown men, granted they seemed like very drunk grown men dancing in the parking lot as we are walking into the game. Uh...yeah...it was funny though.

Example #5
"The Dude on the Pink Vespa"

I couldn't get the picture quick enough to catch the dude in the black jacket actually driving the thing down into the tailgating area with his little helmet on, cause yeah, I was laughing to hard.

Just to give you an idea of how much we have seen just this season all the above examples were at the game this weekend!

Example #6


There are just no words for this...

Obviously we have a blast tailgating! I think everyone should join our tailgate once for the experience!


  1. Example #2 is also known as Heidi (with Superman at her side)...Yodeleheehoo

  2. Hilarious--thanks for the pick me up. BTW--drinking in dresses/skirts is top notch; you should try it sometime, but in a real frock not the dress #2 has own.