Saturday, October 17, 2009

Bouncing with Excitement!

This is me being a 14 year old girl again! On November 19th I have 5 wonderful ladies coming to visit me and my friend Nicole (@nicolewilson) here in Raleigh to see New Moon! (YAY!!) I get to meet:

@meghannian (Megz!)
@thebraysmommy (Kendra)
@naceprettub (Amanda)
@tkcupcake (Sarah)
@Sassette (Ashley)

I got to know these ladies very well through Twitter and now we get to meet each other in person in just a few weeks. So with the New Moon soundtrack coming out this week, it made me even more excited for November. I'm not just excited to see the movie, but to finally get to spend time with these ladies! I love meeting people in person when we have met through Twitter. Needless to say we will be bouncing around the house and town, going to see the movie several times and tweeting a lot! (I can't wait!)

This year I've been luck enough to meet 6 women already that I met on Twitter, so far. I even got to meet my #TwitterBFF (@_momof3_) when I was on a layover in Texas when I was on my way back from Forks. She was great and I hope we can meet up again!

32 days!!