Sunday, April 18, 2010

Are you ready for some football?

I am! I am! Yes, I am in love with NC State Football! (There's a surprise...)

Saturday was State's Kay Yow Spring scrimmage, and because we happen to know a few State fans and we like to tailgate, this gave us to perfect excuse to have fun. When we tailgate, we have a great time, and plus, who doesn't enjoy an excuse to tailgate! So of course we got up early, and made our way to Carter-Finley!

Of course we have the sorority girls, who feel the need to wear tight dresses and cowboy boots tailgating...


The issues I see with this attire are:
1. The boots...uh, you're in a gravel/dirt log, you cannot walk gracefully in the lot.
2. Super short dresses + alcohol...yeah that should be obvious
3. Cowboy boots + alcohol + short dress = Hot mess

Baby's First Tailgate

Our friends the Huffman's have a super cute little girl, who is a good baby, Callie. She came with her mommy & daddy out with us on Friday night and to our tailgate on Saturday. She was too cute and we had fun. (We are just awesome influences on kids...don't ya think!) :P

We of course had a great time, even if I got sunburned like a crispy critter. :)

I'm SO ready for the fall! Go Wolfpack!

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