Sunday, April 18, 2010

Christmas 2009

Yeah, I know I'm SOOO behind for this post but hey...I had to show off my uber cute nephew and his first Christmas.

We had a small Christmas dinner this year with my cousins Heather & Mike, my sister Carole, brother-in-law Alan, and of course Baby Allan. It was great, relaxing, and it was great to hear that Heather & Mike are going to be blessed with a baby, that they have been yearning & trying for for several years now. We are so happy for them! (We have recently found out it's a baby girl!)

For Carole & Heather, I did something I felt was very special. When we were all little, Daddy used to play The Muppets Movie soundtrack for us on the record player. So for them, I gave Carole, Daddy's record that he always played for us and I found another copy for Heather. Plus, they of course got a glass pine cone. Because no Christmas is complete without a new glass pine cone.

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