Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Sorry...if you don't like Twilight, please ignore me for a moment...


Sorry, now that I have my plane ticket booked, a place to stay (sorry Ian, you asked for it *Smiles innocently*) and most of my girlies are booked I'm getting excited!

Only 35 more days till Eclipse comes out (my 2nd most favorite book of the Saga!) where I will see it with some very special ladies! There are a few of our original group that sadly aren't going to be able to make it but they will be there in spirit! (Hopefully I will be seeing those 2 soon!) '

We will be having makeovers and I get to go to Phoenix (where I've never been before) and see new things.

But I am excited...cause yes, I'm Twilight obsessed, but I is happy!

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