Sunday, December 5, 2010


I know I've been horridly slow about posting about our trip...I just get sidetracked easily. So here is about Capri!

Capri (Ka-pre) is a small island off of the coast of Sorrento. It is just a short boat ride away and has amazing natural grottos. It is also know for it's shopping. One of the tourists when we were getting off of the ferry mentioned that even the poor are wealthy on Capri. I would believe it! It is a beautiful island with 2 small villages, with some of the most wonderful shopping.

One thing I like is to look at the designer's stores, and of course, they were all here, from Valentino, Christian Dior, and Prada; as well as every other designer you could think of! It was amazing to see such beautiful pieces in person. (For all my Twilight friends, I even saw the Valentino cocktail dress that Kristen Stewart wore!) Anywho...

When we first got to the island, we took a tour of the grottos and the beaches. The natural grottos were amazing. We saw the white and green grottos however, the line to go into the blue grotto was about 2 hours long and we didn't have but a few hours on the island, so we wanted to see Capri.

During our boat tour, one of our stops was at one of their beaches. When we think of beaches, we think of white sand...well they think of rocks. Yep their beaches have crystal clear water, and I mean you can look down in 5' water and see your feet, and rocks. (The locals were laying on yoga mats!) However rocky they are, they are beautiful, but smaller than our beaches.

The town is one of the more upscale places we went. I really felt bad walking around in my swimsuit, coverup, and hat; then walking into Louis Vuitton.

One thing however, that the island is known for are their handmade shoes. I know Shoes, it's so exciting for me! They have a wall of shoes, but will make them to fit your feet and in whatever color you want! I chose a simple pair in white, so I could wear them all the time, and I pretty much do when it isn't 18 degrees outside. While we were waiting Jason was looking at the pictures on the wall in the TINY shop. It turned out that the shoes I picked out were the exact shoes that Jackie Kennedy used to come get. They even had a picture of her buying them.

All in all Capri was amazing and I'd love to go visit again and maybe make it to Ana-Capri (the other little village) next time! Oh & buy more shoes ;)!!

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