Tuesday, December 7, 2010


It's all Greek to me! Seriously it was...hehe

To get to Greece from Italy, we had the awesome experience of an overnight ferry ride!

Okay, to you NC people, you get what I was thinking when I heard this. A ferry here, you drive on the boat, go to the next island, then drive off the boat; staying in your car if it is too windy. Well that is exactly what I thought of when Jason told me we were on an overnight ferry.

After a very long bus ride from Sorrento, across the boot, we got on this...

It's a cruise ship! Yeah...no...this was the evil boat where this...


was our cabin for the night...(it was itchy)

To say the "ferry" ride was interesting was an understatement. Depending on the ticket you got, you may or may not have had a seat on the boat. So when we all got into one room, we saw our guide, Amadeo, have a "conversation" with a woman in Italian that was "heated". She basically wasn't happy we were in there...eh, whatever.

We had to eat in shifts so someone was always in our room saving our seats and watching our luggage because people would randomly stalk our room. It was SRSLY creepy. Poor Jason didn't get any sleep that night until we got off the ferry in Igoumenitsa (around 3 am) where we got to a hotel and then had a little sleep...then off to another ferry to go to Corfu. Let's just say that was one VERY long night. Once we got to Corfu, it was much more relaxed. We had a more modern hotel, with awesome air conditioning and a very nice pool. It helped some that the pool bar tender was awesome and would make us strange, yet tasty, drinks.

We decided to go with the group that night for a "fun night"...a TOGA PARTY! It was a blast! I have never danced so much in my life at a party! It was just awesome! It was super duper hot that night but so much fun!

Our second day in Corfu, we got to go on George's Boat. I think this was my favorite day of the trip. George is just a dirty old man, no other way to put it really, but the day trip around Corfu on his boat was fun and relaxing.

Some of our trip mates even went skinny dipping in the ocean. (Jason & I opted to keep our suits on)

Our lunch was provided on the boat, and it all was made by George and his first mate, from items from his garden. You'd be surprised how many times you can hear interesting things said about what your food will do for your libido.

Our night in Corfu was spent on our own (well with a group of us) eating dinner at one of the cafes in the main town. Where there was plenty of Ouzo and wine. (Oh and we learned this night that hummus is NOT Greek...we asked for hummus & got potatoes).

To get back to our hotel from the main town of Corfu, you had to either find the bus (which is hard to do) or take a taxi. We got a little late and couldn't find the bus so several of us split a taxi. Now all of Europe has these tiny tiny roads with hairpin turns, oh and cars parked along every street...so I would NEVER drive there. The bus took about 30 minutes to get us back to our hotel...the taxi..5! I was sitting in the back seat with my hands covering my eyes, cause I was scared to death! Jason was in the front seat freaking out as our cabby drove at 100km per hour!

We made it back though, in one piece. :)

The next day it was back on another ferry...to go back to Igoumenitsa, to then be off to Athens!

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