Monday, December 27, 2010


We originally passed Pompei on our ride from Rome to Sorrento, but we went back up to Pompei to see just part of the site.

Pompei is MUCH larger than what I expected or got to see really, but it was very interesting. The detail in the "homes" and the artwork that they have found is amazing. To think that it has been there for thousands of years is even more amazing. It's scary to think that this civilization used to be "water front" but after the eruption, it is now over 7 miles from the coast. (The large addition to the coast is also why it wasn't found for so long.)

There were doggies everywhere that just roam through the site and around the area. They didn't really seem to be phased by us at all, some of them following us to where we went to get lunch.

The items, people and animals that they found encased in the ash is amazing and scary at the same time. To see the people covering their nose and mouth or hiding their face trying to keep from breathing in the ash, was eerie.

After touring Pompei, we got on a bus for a VERY VERY long ride across the boot to get on a ferry for Corfu, Greece.

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