Monday, January 31, 2011

Girl's Weekend in Arkansas!

Every so often my friends & I plan a girl's weekend or girl's trip, to either meet in person or to see friends again. We have a blast every time. Most of our trips are centered around Twilight, but it is what brought us together and what about Twilight is not to love?

Last weekend we decided to go an meet Krystal in her town of Cabot, AR. Now I've never been to AR before this and let me just say, some things were very interesting.

I took Friday off and flew in to Little Rock where I was greeted by Krystal and my K at the airport! I was soooo excited because I got a K-sammich :). We stuck around the airport for a bit, and I grabbed lunch with the K's while we waited to pick up Gigi. Once we squished Gigi, it was off to Cabot. (I didn't know how spread out things were in AR.)

After invading Mr. Vozzella's space (Krystal's man), we headed off to meet Bobby (Mr. Vozzella) for dinner at Crazy Hibachi, where we had lots of fun picking on Bobby and just chilling. Then we were off to Smokey's...their normal bar. At Smokey's we saw a lady who was sitting awake & drinking when we came in. About 10 minutes after the karaoke started, the lady was totally asleep!

Now it was a bar, so it's loud and she was just asleep. I could never do that...but it was cool. After a drink, we were back off to the apartment to get ready and go out to the club to meet up with some more of our friends.

Club Trinity was awesome. We danced, drank, and just had a good time. (Who knew bars stayed open till 5 am in Little Rock...well I sure didn't) Once we got back for the night (around 4 am) we crashed!

Once we woke up and got ready, we took Gigi to Five Guy's #NOM! I love me some Five Guy's, and Gigi loves her meat, potatoes, & BACON, so we were set. After lunch we were off to Lucky Seven. No, not another bar, that happens later. #hehe Lucky Seven is a tattoo parlor that our friends have gone too.
We all got tattoos! Gigi got an awesome peacock feather on her arm, Krystal got "me and you" written in German on her arm, K got 3 nautical stars on her shoulder, Erinn got "Peas" written on her foot, and I got "Love" written on my wrist. We all left the tattoo parlor all bandaged up and headed back to the apartment to get ready and have dinner with some more of our friends at the Irish Pub. Luckily, we hit the pub during ladies hour, so our drinks were only 2 bucks! I tried a "Black Velvet" which is hard cider with Guinness floating on top. It was VERY tasty! So was my Shepard's pie and the airlift appetizer (a mini Ruben...#NOMNOMNOM). We convinced Gigi to taste the Shepard's pie, even though she has an aversion to food being mixed and any type of gravy. She didn't like it :P. After dinner we all went to Smokey's for the rest of the night. We had drinks, played pool, saw a woman in camo tights and a corduroy shirt (with fake bun), and got shots complements of Mr. Awesome (my Jason). After fun at Smokey's we went to the grocery store to buy the stuff for fried Oreo's (Gigi style). Unfortunately, I fell asleep before they were finished. Cause somebody *cough* Mr. Vozzella *cough* was amused by me and kept buying shots. Sadly in the morning we had to get up and my K drove me to the airport, were I headed back to Raleigh & my Jason. Luckily I did get to meet Jess for drinks when I got back for dinner :). I miss her face! It was a great weekend filled of fun & friends! #ihaveawesomefriends

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