Sunday, March 1, 2009

Carole's Baby Shower

Saturday I gave my sister a baby shower in our home town for my family. I'm excited to have a little nephew on the way! This was the first baby shower that I've ever given, so I guess it went pretty well.

Planning anything in a different city it not the easiest, since you can't really make everything and bring it with you. Luckily, I had Momma Doris, Lyndsye, & my cousin Caron to help!

The balloons were interesting to pick up, I had to stuff balloons into my car in the rain! Then I could not see out of the back of my car at all. Which made driving interesting, but I made it to the church with only 1 balloon popping.

The 'theme' was teddy bear picnic, so we had teddy bears & balloons on the tables, and a very cute cake (Thanks to Aunt Ellen!). I'm glad that most of the family was able to come, to see my sister. She got a lot of useful gifts, and I'm sure my little nephew will look very handsome in his little outfits :) (especially the cute NCSU outfit for his first football game!).

We did play one game, that I played at the baby shower I went to a few weeks ago for another friend. It was funny, you had to guess what type of 'poopy' diaper it was...of course we used smashed up melted candy bars. It was fun, and my family knows their candy!

I've posted some pictures here on Picasa!

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