Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Week 1 of Lent

One week of Lent down...

I've actually been surprised at how easy it is now to find vegetarian options. We even went to Hickory this weekend and were able to find veggie options. I've not even really wanted any meat either. It's great also because dinner is taking just half the time that it normally would to fix. We've tried a couple of things off of our friends site (Meatless Marvels) and they have been good. So far my favorite has been Potato Quesadillas. We had them last night for dinner and they were quick, easy, and tasty!

I guess the only thing that I've been worried about this week is getting enough protein. I've been trying to eat soy products, however, I have a few texture issues with some of the foods. I don't like the 'gritty' feeling of some of the protein bars and drinks.

Hopefully I'll find some type of protein powder/drink that isn't too weird :).

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  1. hey! i'm catching up on the blogs of you TAA girls since i found them yesterday... hickory? is that where you're from? my family is all in the western part of the state... i grew up around there and went to school in Morganton. :) my bro/his wife/their daughter live in Hickory.