Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone!!

Well, Jason & I did it, we made it through Lent without eating meat! I'm very proud of Jason that he was able to do it, with little complaining :). I don't think it made us eat healthier like we thought it would, but it got us to try some new things. There are a few things that I found that I really like and I found out that tofu really isn't that bad (in some things). I found out that my new favorite thing to eat is mushroom ravioli...its very tasty!

Now we will be back to our normal (more balanced) meals. Possibly a few nights without any meat :)...I don't really mind it all that much now :), but I'm pretty sure Jason will choose meat over vegetarian options any day!

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  1. you made it! :) and i LOVE mushroom ravioli... another thing we can go and eat together. haha.