Friday, April 10, 2009

Playin' Hooky From Work

Yesterday afternoon Jason IMed me at work and asked if I had to go to the office today...I asked why and he said he had something in I asked off work (and the last minute request was granted, cause my boss is just awesome!)

Jason wanted to take me to the ZOO!!

We haven't been to the zoo, since Jason got me to play hooky from work the last time, and we came back engaged :)!! (Believe it or not that was 5 years ago!) Today was a beautiful 75 degrees, sunny, and a slight breeze in Asheboro. Some of the exhibits have changed, and Jason truly wasn't as nervous this time around :). I love the zoo, I wanted to work there when I was little (and I do have a zoology degree). Here are some pictures I took (had to try out the new camera). We have are lucky to have a good zoo. It wasn't very crowded since we got there pretty early, so it was fun. By the time we were leaving, it was packed!

On our way home, we decided to try to find some wineries to stop at. Jason & I haven't gone to any since we went to Napa Valley & Sonoma in California. We found one, that we weren't quiet sure about at first, there was a very long dirt road going up to it. It was called Horizon Cellars. There were two wines that we really liked, so of course we bought some! It turned out that when we walked in one of the partners was my old boss' neighbor that we met at her New Year's Eve Party. (It's such a small world sometimes!) The second winery we stopped at was Silk Hope Winery, they had a great semi-dry white.

Once we got back in Raleigh, we went furniture shopping, and got a new sofa & loveseat for the living room (can't wait for it to get delivered on Tuesday!)

Overall we had a great day together! I think sometimes you just need to get out of town for just a little bit to spend with each other and relax.


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  1. so sweet! i've never been to a winery. ever.

    can't wait to see your new furniture... tomorrow!